Idris Elba Speaks on Journey from 'Luther Land' to the Big Screen


Idris Elba Speaks on Journey from 'Luther Land' to the Big Screen

Acclaimed British actor Idris Elba recently sat down with Collider to discuss the success of "Luther: The Fallen Sun" on Netflix and his hopes for future Luther-based projects.

From Small Screen Success to Streaming Sensation

In a candid conversation with Collider, Elba expressed his pleasure at the phenomenal reception of his Netflix film, "Luther: The Fallen Sun".

“Yeah, it did really well,” Elba said. The film, adapted from a successful television series, made its mark as one of the top five most streamed films on Netflix. "I love Luther. I love that character, and I love where I can possibly take him, as a story and as a character.

So, yeah, keep your fingers crossed," Elba continued, hinting at the possibility of future Luther projects. Following the film's triumphant premiere, Elba spoke with, where he elaborated on the unique opportunities the movie format provides.

"The luxury starts with just having more space to tell a bigger story without breaking it up into episodics," Elba explained. "Now we have this massive landscape [and] a bit of a bigger budget. We have more time to get under it."

Breaking Free of the Constraints: The Leap from TV to Film

When asked to compare the television series with the movie, Elba pointed out the relative freedom a film provides over the "technicalities of a constraint that a TV show has based on time and budget." According to Elba, the movie format allows for a deeper exploration of Luther's character, often in quiet moments that a TV series might deem superfluous.

"In this film, we have moments where Luther is silent and he's just listening. That's amazing that you're allowed to do that in a film. And a TV show, that would cut that out and got on with it," Elba said, elaborating on the liberty a film grants to peel back layers of the character.

From these interviews, it's clear that Elba cherishes his role as Luther and is excited about the possibilities of where the character could be taken in the future. As fans of the rugged detective keep their fingers crossed for more Luther, they can enjoy the deeper exploration of their favorite character that "Luther: The Fallen Sun" provides.