Hulu Unveils Exciting Trailer for Awaited 'Futurama' Revival

Anticipation builds as Hulu teases Futurama's grand return.

by Nouman Rasool
Hulu Unveils Exciting Trailer for Awaited 'Futurama' Revival

In a move set to delight countless fans, Hulu has just released another teaser for the highly-anticipated revival of the iconic animated series, Futurama. The latest iteration of the beloved show is slated to make its grand debut on Monday, July 24, with new episodes from the 11th season premiering weekly on the popular streaming platform.

Hulu has previously confirmed a 20-episode commitment for the animated sensation back in February 2022, and the arrival of a fresh trailer is sure to further whet the appetite of ardent Futurama enthusiasts. The official logline tantalizingly reads: After a brief intermission of ten years, Futurama is back with a bang, successfully reviving its original cast and its renowned satirical edge.

The upcoming season, composed of ten brand-new episodes, promises to captivate both newcomers and long-standing fans. Intriguing developments are afoot in the epic romance of Fry and Leela, mysteries surrounding Nibbler’s litter box, the secretive past of the wicked Robot Santa, and the location of Kif and Amy’s tadpoles.

The fresh season also promises to deliver on current trends, exploring the future of vaccines, bitcoin, cancel culture, and the streaming TV landscape.

Journey Through Futurama's Legacy

Futurama, first introduced to audiences in 1999, swiftly became a cult phenomenon, accumulating a dedicated fanbase and gaining critical praise, including two prestigious Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program.

The series chronicles the adventures of Philip J. Fry (voiced by Billy West), a NYC pizza delivery boy, who accidentally cryogenically freezes himself in 1999, only to awaken in the year 3000. In this brave, new world, Fry befriends the hard-drinking robot Bender (John DiMaggio) and falls head over heels for one-eyed Leela (Katey Sagal).

They find employment at Planet Express Delivery Company, founded by Fry's elderly descendant, Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Along with Hermes Conrad, Amy Wong, and the alien lobster Dr. John Zoidberg, they undertake thrilling escapades spanning the universe.

Post its initial run on Fox, Futurama found new life through DVD releases from 2007-2009, which led to its resurgence on Comedy Central from 2010-13. After a decade-long hiatus, Hulu stepped in to breathe new life into the series with a 20-episode order.

The series, created by Matt Groening and developed by Groening and David X. Cohen, also boasts the talents of Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, and David Herman. Groening, Cohen, Ken Keeler, and Claudia Katz serve as Executive Producers.