Tenoch Huerta Leaves Netflix's 'Fiesta En La Madriguera' Amid Assault Allegations


Tenoch Huerta Leaves Netflix's 'Fiesta En La Madriguera' Amid Assault Allegations

After s*xual assault allegations, actor Tenoch Huerta has announced his withdrawal from the forthcoming Netflix film, 'Fiesta en la Madriguera.' Huerta, known for his slated appearance in the much-anticipated sequel 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,' announced Maria Elena Rios, a former romantic partner, accused him of s*xual misconduct, including an act known as stealing.

Addressing the accusations and his subsequent exit from the film, Huerta stated, "Given the damaging impact of Ms. Rios' false statements, I find myself with no alternative but to step back from 'Fiesta en la Madriguera.'

" His statement, obtained by Deadline, underscores his regret and disappointment over the unexpected twist of events.

Huerta Departs, Vows Reputation Repair

The actor lamented, "It is with immense sadness that I take this step.

However, I cannot allow these actions to adversely impact not just me but the painstaking work of the many talented individuals associated with this project." He expressed his intention to rectify his public image, which these recent allegations have tarnished.

Netflix announced the new film less than a month ago, with shooting scheduled for June 15. The film, directed by Manolo Caro and scripted by Oscar-winning writer Nicolás Giacobone, is now left with a vacant, leading role due to Huerta's sudden exit.

In his defense, Huerta acknowledged a past relationship with Ríos but vehemently denied any non-consensual s*xual activities. He stated earlier this week, "Our relationship was based on mutual consent at all times. It was warm, supportive, and affectionate." Huerta argues that Ríos has distorted the truth about their relationship in both private and public interactions following their separation.

He elaborated on his legal actions, stating, "I have enlisted a legal team to commence the necessary actions to guard my reputation and debunk these baseless and damaging allegations, which have the potential to cause significant harm and prejudice." Despite the current controversy, Huerta continues his engagement with Netflix.

He is set to appear in the upcoming series 'El Elegido' (The Chosen One) alongside actors Dianna Agron and Bobby Luhnow. The series, previewed at Netflix's Tudum global fan festival, is expected to premiere this August.