Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans continue the war: Chaos has broken out!


Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans continue the war: Chaos has broken out!

Ioan Gruffudd, a well-known Welsh actor, and his ex-wife, Alice Evans, are still in conflict and don't stop fighting. It has been two years since they divorced, which was the main news story in the media at the time. It was quite a surprise to Evans when he requested for a divorce, who was going through some difficult times in her life at the time.

There is no doubt that Evans feels a strong bond with Gruffudd, but it is evident that Gruffudd had good reason for his actions. Having found out that her ex is in a relationship with Bianca Wallis, Alice seems to be especially angry about the situation.

During the course of the marriage, she claims that he cheated on her as well, that he emotionally abused her and their daughters.

Ioan Gruffudd reacted

In response to this, he developed a very angry attitude. It seems that he experienced difficult moments during the marriage, and even more difficult moments after the marriage as well.

As a result of the divorce, Evans told him that the situation would be similar to that between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp after the divorce. She threatened him many times and tried to humiliate him in front of the children.

Additionally, Grufudd emphasized that Evans spoke harsh words to his mother, that she knew how to treat children rudely, and that he did not tolerate a lot of things that she did. There is something even more strange about this situation, since his daughter has requested a restraining order from her father.

A short time ago, she met Gruffudd's partner, but her actions, such as posting a note with mustard on his refrigerator indicating she did not like Gruffudd's partner, seemed to indicate that things were not going well. There is no doubt that there has been a great deal of chaos in this family, which is not easy to resolve. Over the last few months, a great deal has happened,