Netflix Announces "Squid Game: The Competition," A Reality Show Spin-Off


Netflix Announces "Squid Game: The Competition," A Reality Show Spin-Off
Netflix Announces "Squid Game: The Competition," A Reality Show Spin-Off

Netflix is known for its original series and films that captivate audiences globally, and its latest venture is no exception. The streaming giant recently teased its forthcoming reality show, "Squid Game: The Competition," a spin-off based on the South Korean sensation, "Squid Game." With a planned release in November, fans of the original series and reality show enthusiasts alike have much to anticipate.

Faithful to the Original, With a Reality TV Twist

The initial teaser of "Squid Game: The Competition" promises a faithful homage to its source material. The reality show will mirror the original series' premise, with 456 contestants competing in perilous schoolyard games across 10 episodes for a grand prize of $4.56 million.

The brief 27-second trailer, while sparse on surprises, confirms that Netflix's recreation remains closely aligned with the "Squid Game" aesthetic. It offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of set work and production design, which painstakingly recreates the distinctive ambience of the South Korean original.

Viewers are treated to a sneak peek of the Overseers in their ominous masks and red jumpsuits, the green-clad contestants, and the barracks they presumably inhabit. A striking image in the teaser is a giant animatronic doll, presiding over the Red Light Green Light game, maintaining the suspense of the high-stakes competition, albeit non-lethal in the reality show iteration.

A Reality Show Nightmare?

Despite the enthusiasm around the series, some concerns were raised earlier this year about the show's production.

Reports from Variety and Rolling Stone described how the reality show, filmed in the UK, experienced severe challenges. According to these sources, some contestants faced extreme physical difficulties, leading to a few being evacuated on stretchers while others suffered significant frostbite.

Netflix's daring foray into reality television with "Squid Game: The Competition" is poised to carry forward the legacy of its South Korean counterpart. However, the challenges faced during production raise questions about the lengths to which reality TV can push its contestants.

As fans eagerly await the series release in November, only time will tell how this reality show gamble pays off for Netflix.


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