Alternate Finale Scenarios for 'The Flash'

Dramatic shifts at Warner Bros. led to unexpected outcomes.

by Nouman Rasool
Alternate Finale Scenarios for 'The Flash'

"The Flash," the latest cinematic offering from Warner Bros. Pictures, surprised audiences this week with an unexpected twist in its conclusion. George Clooney made a shocking return to his role as Bruce Wayne, a part he last played in the 1997's notorious box office disaster "Batman and Robin." This thrilling cameo, a carefully kept secret by the studio, was shot in a half-day in January, following swift and confidential discussions.

According to Andy Muschietti, the film's director who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, this surprising finale was the third version developed for the film. The original ending, conceived during the Toby Emmerich-Walter Hamada tenure at Warner Bros., aimed to revamp the Snyderverse and set the stage for a "Crisis on Infinite Earth" event.

This initial conclusion, filmed during the movie's main production period, featured Batman (Michael Keaton) and Supergirl (Sasha Calle) outside the courthouse, leading Barry Allen/The Flash to realize he had yet to alter the timeline as he believed.

Leadership Change Alters Finale

However, with the arrival of Discovery, Emmerich, and Hamada were replaced by Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, leading to a shift in the studio's trajectory. The second ending involved a convergence of superheroes - Calle's Supergirl, Cavill's Superman, Gadot's Wonder Woman, and Keaton's Batman.

This alternative was filmed in September of the previous year, with an ensemble of actors participating. November brought another significant change with the advent of the Gunn-Safran era of DC. This new leadership discontinued the Cavill-led Superman and Gadot-fronted Wonder Woman projects, rendering the planned ending obsolete.

As the search for a further conclusion commenced, a key concept was retained: Barry Allen's shocking realization that not all is as it seems. Clooney, enticed by the near-completed film, agreed to make a cameo. To ensure the surprise remained intact, Warner Bros.

didn't screen-test the ending or preview it at April's CinemaCon. The first viewing outside the production team occurred during press screenings on June 4th. This unexpected twist has since become a popular talking point. While Muschietti is confirmed to helm the upcoming "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," there's speculation about Clooney continuing his Batman role in the Gunn-Safran DC universe.

However, Gunn confirmed in a recent tweet that a new actor will be hired for the position, specifically someone who hasn't previously portrayed Batman. Despite the buzz, "The Flash" suffered a lackluster box-office debut, drawing comparisons to "Black Adam" and raising questions about its future financial prospects.