Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell never married: We've been together for 40 years


Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell never married: We've been together for 40 years

There is nothing quite like vacationing in Greece, which is a favorite European destination that Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell always come back to, and it is something that they really enjoy doing. There was a relaxed beach edition of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell being photographed in the company of some friends.

Goldie, 77, and Kurt, 72, were caught by paparazzi on their way off of the speedboat in which they had gone for a ride together. Even though they were on the speedboat, they didn't pay much attention to the paparazzi who gladly welcomed them along.

Goldie and Kurt

In 1983, Goldie and Kurt were brought together on the basis of work, and they've been together ever since, but their love did not happen at first sight, as it's been over 30 years since they met. During the filming of the film "The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band" in 1967, they met on the set of that film.

As a young woman of 21, she met a young man of 16 years of age, and their relationship didn't take off right away. - I found him to be irresistible, but I also thought he was too young for me, as Goldie confessed once. 15 years later, they met again on the set of the romantic drama "Swing Shift" and they fell in love, and their relationship has lasted ever since.

The couple has been together for years, and they have been one of Hollywood's longest-serving couples, but they have not yet tied the knot, and they have no intention of doing so in the future. - I enjoy being Kurt's girlfriend as well as the other way around.

According to Goldie, they are very happy with how things are going for them. Their marriages failed both of them and they had children during those marriages. During the period 1976 through 1982, Goldie was married to musician Bill Hudson.

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