Colin-Penelope Romance Ignites in Bridgerton S3 Sneak Peek

Bridgerton gears up for a fresh narrative in Season 3.

by Nouman Rasool
Colin-Penelope Romance Ignites in Bridgerton S3 Sneak Peek

As part of its global fan event TUDUM, Netflix thrilled fans by unveiling first-look images of the dynamic duo Colin (played by Luke Newton) and Penelope (played by Nicola Coughlan) from the anticipated third season of the acclaimed Shondaland series, Bridgerton.

These images suggest the show focuses on the evolving relationship between these central characters. While many fans expected the third installment to follow the story of Benedict Bridgerton (portrayed by Luke Thompson) as suggested by the third book, 'An Offer From a Gentleman,' the series creators announced a plot twist last year, with season three set to concentrate on Colin and Penelope's narrative from the fourth book, 'Romancing Mister Bridgerton.'

"I have held onto this secret since the beginning of the second season, much like Lady Whistledown, that the love story between Colin and Penelope will be at the core of the third season," revealed Coughlan at a For Your Consideration event in May 2022.

Penelope's unrequited love for Colin and her actions as Lady Whistledown have significantly influenced his romantic engagements, including his potential union with Marina (Ruby Barker). The critical question is: will Penelope continue to harbor feelings for Colin despite his thoughtless remarks about her in the second season? Details regarding the upcoming season are scarce, but actor Luke Newton shared his excitement and anticipation about exploring Colin's more sensitive side and how their friendship could evolve into something more intimate.

At the 2022 TUDUM event, Coughlan gave fans a taste of Lady Whistledown's opening monologue from the first episode of season 3, "Out of the Shadows," much to fans' delight. Daphne's Absence in Season 3 As the new season begins, viewers can look forward to seeing returning characters, with one significant exception.

Phoebe Dynevor, who brilliantly played Daphne Bridgerton, will not be appearing in the third season, though the door has been left open for her potential return in subsequent seasons. Anticipation is mounting for more glimpses into the married life of Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and his newlywed bride, Kate (Simone Ashley).

Ashley expressed her excitement about portraying the couple's happily married life, hopefully, free of the drama and scandals of the previous season. However, the journey for Penelope and Colin may be paved with obstacles, given the shocking revelations and misunderstandings of the second season's finale.

Coughlan shared that these trials would only make the couple's relationship more robust in the long run. Despite the challenges, Penelope and Colin's love story holds the promise of the 'happily-ever-after' that the Bridgerton fanbase eagerly anticipates.