Mike Batayeh, "Breaking Bad" actor dies at 52

"He was a kind, sensitive, intelligent, and gifted soul," Batayeh's sisters said

by Sead Dedovic
Mike Batayeh, "Breaking Bad" actor dies at 52

Mike Batayeh, an actor who was part of many shows and movies, died at the age of 52. This news shocked many, given that the death was sudden. The cause of his death is a heart attack. This news was confirmed by his sister via social media.

She was devastated after the death of her brother, for whom she has immense love. "He was a kind, sensitive, intelligent, and gifted soul," Batayeh's sisters said. "This is such a devastating loss of a huge life and Mike will be missed by us and so many people in all parts of the world."

Messages of condolences

There are many messages of condolences around the world.

Batayeh was a man full of positivity, optimism and love for life. "A devastating loss of a huge life; Mike Batayeh, you were everybody's friend." -Hollywood director Rola Nashef wrote on his Facebook profile. "And I mean everybody.

There isn't a person that I introduced you to or a waitress that took our order whom you didn't make laugh, think, inspire and root for." Yorg Kerasiotis emphasized in his message that Batayeh was a person who knew how to make everyone laugh.

"You were the superstar we always admired and one of the funniest men I've ever known," wrote Yorg Kerasiotis,
His friends are in great sorrow. Such a man will be missed by everyone. "This one hits hard. Anyone that knew Mike knows how funny and talented he was.

I got to learn the nuances of screenwriting, getting insight and pointers from him when we collaborated on our script. I don’t think people realized how much of a genius he was, and that goes beyond comedy, even after me wanting to wring his hard-headed ass!

We lost a true talent. Gonna miss you, brother. I hope you’re making people laugh and people off wherever you are. Love you. RIP Mike Batayeh."