Arnold Schwarzenegger on the moment he admitted to his wife that he has a son

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Arnold Schwarzenegger on the moment he admitted to his wife that he has a son
Arnold Schwarzenegger on the moment he admitted to his wife that he has a son

'Arnold', a Netflix documentary series featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hollywood career, his governorship, as well as personal dramas, begins today, June 7. There is likely to be the most interest in the actor's private part, particularly the announcement that he has a son with housekeeper Mildred Baen.

The therapist told me during a couples counseling session that Maria wants to know something very specific today. It was a heartbreaking moment when the hero from "Terminator" asked if he was Joseph's father. As he told, he was sure he was his son, and she cried.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about family

As he recalls, he had an affair with Mildred in 1996 and at first he did not know that her child was also his when he began the affair with her. As Joseph's age progressed, however, it became increasingly apparent to Arnie, as well as to Maria, that he actually is Arnold's son.

During a Netflix documentary, Schwarzenegger explains that he is apprehensive about discussing the affair because it opens up old wounds for him. "My family has been through enough pain as a result of my actions. There was suffering for everyone.

Maria had to suffer. The children had to suffer. Joseph. His mother. Everyone. "- the famous actor said. His wife Maria Shriver (67), whose family is extensive and powerful, gave birth to four of his children: Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher.

They married in 1986. The actor is aware of the fact that both his successes and mistakes will be remembered in a positive light, but puts a lot of credit on his son Joseph, who he considers to be a superb man. " While the actor admitted that what he did was wrong, he said he did not want Joseph to feel unwelcome in this world, because he is very welcome.

Arnold emphasized Joseh is an exceptional young man and has turned out to be a remarkable person." “I asked them for forgiveness,” he said. “They cried. It tears your heart out”.

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