Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts to groping accusation from 2003

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Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts to groping accusation from 2003
Arnold Schwarzenegger reacts to groping accusation from 2003

In the documentary "Arnold", which will be shown on Netflix in the coming weeks, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke openly about many topics from his life. The popular actor of today has been accused in 2003 of groping women and humiliating them 20 years ago.

In those difficult moments, he tried to defend himself and seek out a way out of what he was going through. In spite of this, Arnold is now aware that he made a big mistake. It is his belief that his behavior cannot be justified in any way.

“My reaction in the beginning, I was kind of…defensive,” -Schwarzenegger said in the documentary, as quoted by “Today, I can look at it and kind of say, it doesn’t really matter what time it is.

If it’s the Muscle Beach days of 40 years ago, or today, that this was wrong. It was bullshit. Forget all the excuses, it was wrong”.

LA Times reporter explains the situation

Los Angeles Times reporter Carla Hall emphasized in the documentary that she was surprised that this did not have a greater impact on the vote, given that Arnold eventually won.

Before the election, LA Times reporters tried to interview girls who had negative experiences with popular actors. Obviously, the goal was to reduce the number of votes for Schwarzenegger “Personally, I was surprised that it didn’t have more of an effect on the election.

I thought that more people would be offended themselves,” Los Angeles Times reporter Carla Hall says in the Netflix documentary. “When Schwarzenegger announced he was running for governor, the staff of the LA Times immediately went into high gear to start looking into stories that we had heard for years, but no one had actually investigated them fully,” she adds. “We had barely six weeks to work on this, and we started talking to women”.

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