Tom Cruise's Determined Push Puts 'Mission: Impossible' Ahead of Nolan's Film


Tom Cruise's Determined Push Puts 'Mission: Impossible' Ahead of Nolan's Film
Tom Cruise's Determined Push Puts 'Mission: Impossible' Ahead of Nolan's Film

Hollywood's cinematic calendar has witnessed a monumental collision. Tom Cruise, the indomitable action star, is reportedly urging for a reshuffle of two of 2023's blockbuster movie release dates. His reasoning lies in a concern for the box office fate of his upcoming film, "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One." But what is the actual story behind Cruise's peculiar request?

Upcoming Cinema Showdown

At the center of this extraordinary dispute are two eagerly-awaited films: Christopher Nolan's historical thriller "Oppenheimer," and Greta Gerwig's fantasy comedy "Barbie." Both are set to grace cinema screens on July 21, 2023, a date that Cruise finds problematic.

His seventh outing as spy extraordinaire Ethan Hunt in "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One," is slated for a July 12, 2023 release, a mere nine days ahead of the two other blockbusters. The Hollywood superstar reportedly expressed his concerns to Paramount executives.

He fears that "Oppenheimer" will commandeer all IMAX screens in North America three weeks post-release. Consequently, fans of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise will be left with a narrow window of nine days to experience the film in the renowned IMAX format before Nolan's historical epic seizes control.

The seventh installment of the popular spy franchise, delayed numerous times due to the COVID pandemic, carries a hefty price tag of nearly 300 million dollars. It's understandable, then, that Cruise wishes for an optimal screening period for his film.

The potential of "Oppenheimer" debuting shortly after his film could spell a significant dent in the box office revenue, particularly with IMAX screenings.

The IMAX Advantage

"Top Gun: Maverick," Cruise's film from the previous year, garnered a commendable $110 million of its $1.49 billion total gross from IMAX screenings.

This figure underscores the audience's appetite for witnessing Cruise's audacious stunts on the grandest screens available. However, with the impending summer release schedule, fans may find themselves in a race against time.

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