Kim Kardashian 'warned' Pete Davidson what to expect in his relationship with her

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Kim Kardashian 'warned' Pete Davidson what to expect in his relationship with her
Kim Kardashian 'warned' Pete Davidson what to expect in his relationship with her

As part of Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian's conversation, Kim Kardashian discussed her relationship with Pete Davidson as well as the challenges that the couple faced during that time. There is no doubt that being a star and having your life under the spotlight is not easy.

At the beginning of their relationship, Kim warned Pete of the dangers that he would have to face. "In the dating conversation, once there's a story about you, you start to believe the hype, that you're together, and oh my god, and it's hot and heavy and it's everywhere.

And everyone thinks that you guys are practically getting married in a week." - Kim said, as quoted by She immediately warned him of what was to come. "It's hard when you start dating someone, and you live your life on a reality show," Kim continued, "so Pete and I had that conversation right away.

You obviously know what you're getting yourself into." The reactions of fans to the fact that Pete was not part of the reality show were interesting. "The fans were like, ‘Pete's not on the show.' And I was like, 'We said that from the start.

It's not what he does. Then I opened up, then I had him on the show. I talked about every last thing."

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

It was clear to Pete Davidson that he would experience many new things in his life as a result of his relationship with Kim.

She did, however, emphasize that at the start of the process, she couldn't have warned him about what he would encounter. "I'm not gonna meet someone and be like, ‘Pause. Before we get to a place, will you be on my show?' Like no.

And he was still on, guys. He was on at what level he was comfortable with." It was all a bit weird to her. "If I'm newly dating someone, I'm not gonna have them on the show. That's weird."

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