Bruce Willis' daughter on the initial stages of Bruce's illness

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Bruce Willis' daughter on the initial stages of Bruce's illness
Bruce Willis' daughter on the initial stages of Bruce's illness

Tallulah Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis, spoke about her father and his battle with dementia in an essay for Vogue. The initial stages of the disease were difficult to notice, but the situation became increasingly difficult, and later they could guess what it was about.

"It started out with a kind of vague unresponsiveness," -Tallulah said, as quoted by, "which the family chalked up to Hollywood hearing loss." Tallulah had a hard time accepting her father's diagnosis, many times denying it was dangerous.

She realized that she didn't want to face it. "I admit that I have met Bruce's decline in recent years with a share of avoidance and denial that I'm not proud of," she continued. "The truth is that I was too sick myself to handle it."

Tallulah talks about ADHD, anorexia, and depression

Bruce Willis' daughter herself has certain problems that she has been struggling with for a long time.

ADHD caused many problems in her life. In addition, Tallulah has been struggling with anorexia and depression for many years. "While I was wrapped up in my body dysmorphia, flaunting it on Instagram, my dad was quietly struggling,"- she said.

"All kinds of cognitive testing was being conducted, but we didn't have an acronym yet. I had managed to give my central dad-feeling canal an epidural; the good feelings weren't really there, the bad feelings weren't really there." Tallulah also remembered one moment that left a special mark on her, and she could not deal with her emotions.

"I was at a wedding in the summer of 2021 on Martha's Vineyard, and the bride's father made a moving speech. Suddenly I realized that I would never get that moment, my dad speaking about me in adulthood at my wedding. It was devastating. I left the dinner table, stepped outside, and wept in the bushes."

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