Channing Tatum on raising a child, challenges and boundaries


Channing Tatum on raising a child, challenges and boundaries
Channing Tatum on raising a child, challenges and boundaries

During Today With Hoda & Jenna, Channing Tatum talked about the role of parents as well as the challenges he faced during the upbringing of his 10-year-old daughter Everly. The host of the show was interested in Tatum's philosophy regarding parenting.

However, he had no answer. "I have no idea. I'm just trying to get by, I think just like every other parent, you're just kind of trying not to mess kids up, but you know you're going to on some level."- Tatum said, per Tatum emphasized how important it is to have boundaries with children.

When you set boundaries, you can be of great help to both yourself and your child. "Even though they don't want boundaries, they do want boundaries," he continued. "Her anxiety goes down, her stress level goes down when she just understands the rules." Channing also remembered his upbringing and how different his parents were compared to his daughter.

"I was raised very, very different. South — dad just, ‘Touch that again, you're going to get a whipping' sort of situation and we don't spank Evy, so it's one of those gentle kind of things, but having to learn where to be strong, where to be firm, but not in the way I was."

Channing Tatum published his third book

Interestingly, this popular actor is doing great things outside of the acting scene.

Namely, Tatum published his third book called 'The One and Only Sprakella and the Big Lie' It is a children's book. It is obvious that the role of a parent brought him a new perspective and opened up new occupations. "I was looking up YouTube on how to braid hair," -he said talking about his book.

"Like, I didn't want to be the dad that was just delivering a kid to school looking like she had just slept on the street. This series of books kind of came from that. It was really trying to figure out how to talk to a little girl."

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