Jennifer Lopez 'feels sorry for her children' because they are celebrities' children

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Jennifer Lopez 'feels sorry for her children' because they are celebrities' children
Jennifer Lopez 'feels sorry for her children' because they are celebrities' children

Aside from her passion for music and film art, Jennifer Lopez has also been actively involved in several artistic engagements and several fashion campaigns during the course of her career, and this has left an indelible mark on her personal life.

Earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez confessed for the first time how her fame has affected her family, though she also admitted that she blames herself for the circumstance in which her children are raised. In her statement to Audacy, the celebrity star made it clear that she knows that her twin girls Max and Emme are not privileged to have a normal childhood because of her star status.

There aren't many people that fully understand what it means to be the child of famous parents, and I feel sorry for my children because they didn't choose to be like that, said Lopez.

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Due to the fact that they grew up with famed parents, society has reacted in a way that doesn't acknowledge them as ordinary children, but as children of famous stars.

As a result, they treat them differently because they don't consider their parents famed, just their famous surname. There are a lot of reasons why the popular singer feels guilty because it is exactly what she did that caused them the problem they never asked for.

- People don't see them as they are. There must be a great deal of difficulty for them in dealing with this. This means that I am motivated to protect them in any way I can, said the ambitious actress who recently moved in with her husband Affleck, and so with his children, and they have become a big family now, as they now live together as one big family.

The couple claims that Affleck has also taken over parental responsibilities over her children, and that the children have slowly become used to each other, so the situation is now becoming less challenging and has become easier.

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