Avatar Editor John Refoua dies after a battle with cancer


Avatar Editor John Refoua dies after a battle with cancer

John Refoua, who was a film editor on both Avatar and Avatar: The Way of Water, passed away a few days ago after battling cancer for a few years. Confirmation of his death was revealed via social media by his wife, Serena Refoua.

Refoua fought until the last day and showed his courage again and again. As a result, the disease had a cruel effect and took away a great person from the world. "Dear friends, my brilliant, sweet, creative husband John Djahanshah Refoua passed away last night May 14 surrounded by family and friends who loved him," Serena wrote on social media.

There are many diseases that can cause great pain, but cancer is one of the worst. Despite all the difficulties, John remained courageous and did not want to give up on his fight "Despite the pain and complexities of this aggressive disease, he faced it with courage and grit."

John Refoua: His life's trajectory was quite unique

Those who knew John Refoua will attest that he was a man of broad understanding and a man with a variety of interests.

There was something special about Refoua. He was a man with a big heart, ready to help everyone in need when they needed it. Avatar was one of the most popular films to ever be made, and he left a lasting impression on the film industry after being part of it.

"His life's trajectory was quite unique and anything he touched, he made better," Serena continued. "He loved music, movies, politics, traveling, vintage cars, science fiction, and his 4 year old granddaughter Avery Sophia.

We will miss his generosity and wisdom." John Refoua's involvement as a creator in the film Avatar is not the only film to which he contributed. In addition to those movies, there are several other famous movies where John left a significant mark and played an important part in its creation.