Robert De Niro announced the birth of his seventh child


Robert De Niro announced the birth of his seventh child
Robert De Niro announced the birth of his seventh child

In announcing the birth of his seventh child, Robert De Niro was able to cause a lot of reactions from everyone in the world. It is hard for many people to believe that this is really true. It will soon be De Niro's 80th birthday!

Last night, at the premiere of the movie "About My Father," he was asked by the media whether he was surprised at the fact that he is a dad again at the age of 79. In a great manner, he replied, "No, I'm not." In fact, he declared that the pregnancy had been planned, saying it "does not seem possible that such things would not have been planned".

He also stated that he's fine with it, and that parenting is never an easy task, and that he expects that it will never get easier. The actor looked great at the premiere.

Spokerson talks about the details: Gender and the name

A spokesperson for the Hollywood star had confirmed earlier that he had welcomed an additional child, but they did not disclose the name of the child or the gender of the child.

The child's mother's identity was also not revealed at the time. In contrast, last month, his much younger girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, was photographed with what seemed to be a large belly in her pregnancy. It was immediately clear that he could soon confirm the birth of a child.

As a result of the marriage to Diahanne Abbott, Robert De Niro has a daughter Drena (51) and a son Raphael (46) with her. Besides having twin sons Aaron and Julian (27) with his ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith, he also has a son Elliot (25) and a daughter Helen (11) with his ex-wife Grace Hightower, who are his only children and who were born of his first marriage.

Robert De Niro shows that despite his age he is still mentally and physically strong and has a huge will to live. His descendants and what he left behind will be the best proof of that.

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