Blake Lively's trainer revealed the secrets of his work

"Let's start talking about body composition change."

by Sead Dedovic
Blake Lively's trainer revealed the secrets of his work

Blake Lively's appearance and the way she carries herself impresses many people. In spite of having four children, Lively is still looking great and many people wonder what her secret is to keep her looking so good. This popular actress revealed that she owes the biggest part of the credit for her success to her trainer, Don Saladino.

During a recent interview with E News, Don talked about the secrets of their work, and he began by highlighting the importance of developing healthy habits from the very beginning of the interview. "We're never doing anything unhealthy," Don tells E!

News. In the opinion of Don Saladino, the average person in the modern world is too burdened by the numbers on the scale, and does not understand what the real solution is. "The reality is if any person came to me right now and I told them, 'You could be 10 pounds heavier but take your clothes off and look exactly how you want to look naked, would you take it?'
They would have a tough time answering that question."

Don Saladino and his clients

Don Saladino has a special way of helping his clients, and the results of his work are evident in each of them.

"These women understand the importance of being strong, and they understand the importance of getting in enough energy. They don't starve themselves. If every woman came to me and they said, 'I want to put on muscle, that would probably allow me to get everyone to their goal.

That's what I've been doing with thousands of people now, teaching them. Let's try and put on muscle, you won't look muscular, but you'll have that lean, athletic body that you want." Weight loss is a topic that Don wants to pay less attention to.

"Let's stop talking about weight loss," Don says, "Let's start talking about body composition change."

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