Penelope Cruz and the secret of her diet: Find out what she eats


Penelope Cruz and the secret of her diet: Find out what she eats

The actress Penelope Cruz is regarded as one of the most talented actresses in the world who ages in such a graceful manner. She keeps her body fit, slim, and even loses weight quickly thanks to her intense diet and exercise routine.

When it comes to dieting, Penelope's approach is very simple. In order to feel good about herself, she chooses food that makes her feel good. BREAKFAST It is Penelope's favorite thing to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant or outside when she is on the move.

It is during these times that she tries to keep things simple, and more specifically, she chooses to have breakfast with eggs and bacon as a side dish. With this breakfast, she is able to start her day off right as she gets to start off the day with a low carb, high protein breakfast.

The thing that she likes to do when she is at home and she has a little bit of time is to prepare a fresher and more colorful breakfast. Depending on the situation, that might mean the combination of gluten-free English muffin topped with poached eggs and avocado.

The other option is to have a portion of seasonal fresh fruit accompanied by a little honey and Greek yogurt. In the end, everything depends on what she has in her kitchen at the moment, and what she is craving at that particular moment in time.


In terms of lunch, Penelope tries to keep things as light as possible. Her favorite meal is a salad with stewed or baked fish and seasonal vegetables. Compared to the days when she ate burgers and fries on a daily basis, this is a dramatic change.

After all, we have all been there before and we know how difficult it can be to give up junk food completely. DINNER There is no limit to what can be eaten for dinner on a Mediterranean diet. The truth is Penelope does not eat as much red meat as she should, but she is not afraid to eat a steak every once in a while, even if it isn't her favorite food.

Due to her Spanish heritage, she enjoys incorporating Spanish food into her diet wherever possible as part of her diet. It is common for her to have fish, lamb, and lean cuts of red meat with her favorite rice and bean dish alongside it.

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