New details on Jamie Foxx's condition

Corrine Foxx, Foxx's daughter, announced on social media how serious Foxx's condition is

by Sead Dedovic
New details on Jamie Foxx's condition

Jamie Fox was in a difficult situation and it seemed that his life was in danger. The situation was serious and many were afraid of what would happen. On April 11 he was rushed to a hospital in Atlanta in serious condition after he fell ill during the troubled filming of the film "Back in Action" in which he stars with Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close, has learned.

Doctors fought for the 55-year-old actor's life during his rushed admission to the hospital in Atlanta and his condition has been stabilized, has learned. "Jamie was in a serious medical condition and needed urgent and immediate intervention.

His condition was uncertain and they had to revive him. He is happy to be alive, the source said. He also added that the actor is really happy that he got the treatment he got."

Corrine Foxx

Corrine Foxx, Foxx's daughter, announced on social media how serious Foxx's condition is.

The good news is that thanks to prompt action and excellent care, he is now on the road to recovery," she wrote in her letter. It has been reported by insiders that the difficult situation he is in is far more damaging than they first thought when they came across it.

As a result of his high blood pressure, Jamie is at risk of clots forming in his brain and he can suffer a stroke if they do. In fact, the insider said that this was something that had been planned for some time, and if he had not been able to act so quickly, Jamie may not have been saved.

Other than that, there is still no information on what exactly happened. In the opinion of others, the actor's intense stress due to the fact that he was in the middle of filming a new film may have been the main reason for his collapse.

In particular, reports state that Foxx suffered from a breakdown during a part of the filming in England, so he fired several crew members, including two directors and a personal driver, as a result of his breakdown. There was reportedly a lot of drama on the set of the film, so much so that Cameron Diaz, who is making a big comeback in front of the camera after a nine-year hiatus, is seriously considering leaving the film.

Jamie Foxx