The Flash Director on Ezra Miller: They're taking steps to recovery


The Flash Director on Ezra Miller: They're taking steps to recovery
The Flash Director on Ezra Miller: They're taking steps to recovery

Ezra Miller is an actor who attracts a lot of attention. Their appearance is the topic of many tabloids, however, Andrés Muschietti, who is also the director of the movie The Flash, thinks that Miller is a great person and an excellent actor.

Muschietti is happy that he had the opportunity to work with them and he learned a lot. "It was probably one of my best experiences working with an actor, ever," Muschietti said, as quoted by "They're brilliant. [Their] contributions are constant, and also they like to do more takes than I do, which is a lot.

They are full of incredible emotions, and they bring them to the set everytime. [They] are an incredible comedian also, which is something that I wasn't fully prepared for. I mean, I saw them in movies before. I thought they were funny, but when I started working with them I realized that they are an incredible comedian."

Muschietti on the movie

Muschietti talked about 'The Flash' and the challenges he faced during the filming of this film.

Mischietti drew a parallel between the main character and the others. Looks like we'll be watching a great movie. "The fact that they were playing two versions of the same character, two versions that are diametrically opposed," Muschietti said.

"The Barry we all know that is neurotic, anxious, full of hardships, childhood trauma and whatnot. And the Barry that is basically none of that, and he's absolutely carefree. It was a very fun challenge to explore those two characters for them, for Ezra, for me.

It was a lot of fun." Muschietti had mental issues they have been fighting for some time. It seems that things are better now, and that Erza is on the way to recovery. "Ezra is well now," the director said. "We're all hoping that they get better.

They're taking steps to recovery. [They're] dealing with mental health issues, but [they're] well. We talked to them not too long ago, and they're very committed to getting better."