Nicolas Cage on bankruptcy and accepting various roles


Nicolas Cage on bankruptcy and accepting various roles
Nicolas Cage on bankruptcy and accepting various roles

A great deal of interest was generated by Nicolas Cage and his interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" shown on Sunday. Throughout the interview, Cage was completely honest and open about a wide variety of topics. Due to the fact that Cage found himself in a situation where he was close to bankruptcy at one point in his life, he was forced to accept all roles in order to get out of it.

“I was over-invested in real estate,” he said as quoted by “The real estate market crashed, and I couldn’t get out in time. I paid them all back, but it was about $6 million. I never filed for bankruptcy, It was dark period, sure," Cage emphasized that working is what saved him.

“Work was always my guardian angel. It may not have been blue chip, but it was still work.
Even if the movie ultimately is crummy, they know I’m not phoning it in, that I care every time,
” he said.

Nicolas Cage on his roles

Last year, in an interview with GQ, Cage talked about his roles and the fact that he accepted everything.

Some movies turned out to be great, while there were also those that were a complete disappointment. “When I was doing four movies a year, back to back to back, I still had to find something in them to be able to give it my all.

They didn’t work, all of them. Some of them were terrific, like ‘Mandy,’ but some of them didn’t work”. According to him, money was the most important thing in everything, but still, sometimes he had to make sure that the role was not a complete "failure".

"I can’t go into specifics or percentages or ratios, but yeah, money is a factor,” he told the outlet. I’m going to be completely direct about that. There’s no reason not to be. There are times when it’s more of a factor than not.

I still have to feel that, whether or not the movie around me entirely works, I’ll be able to deliver something and be fun to watch”.

Nicolas Cage