Joaquin Phoenix Issues Warning for Intense Film 'Beau is Afraid


Joaquin Phoenix Issues Warning for Intense Film 'Beau is Afraid

Ari Aster's latest film, "Beau is Afraid," hit theaters this past weekend. Known for his work in "Hereditary" and "Midsommar," Aster is not one to shy away from intense and impactful storytelling. The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as Beau, a man grappling with paranoia and fear, as he embarks on a journey to attend his mother's funeral.

An Anxiety-Inducing Odyssey

The film is so intense that Phoenix himself has issued a warning, recommending that audiences avoid consuming psychedelics while watching. In a recent interview with Fandango, Phoenix jokingly stated, "I was told from someone in college that there was this college thread amongst friends, a challenge they were going to take mushrooms and go see this movie," Phoenix shared during an interview with Fandango. "And I just wanted to make a public service announcement and say do not take mushrooms and go see this f*cking movie." He jokingly added, "But, if you do it, film yourself.

But don't do it!"

Parker Posey on Working with Joaquin Phoenix

Parker Posey recently spoke to about her experience working on "Beau is Afraid." Posey revealed that she initially mistook Phoenix for a handyman on set due to his costume and appearance.

She said, "When I first saw Joaquin, I thought he was fixing the trailer...And then I saw that it was Joaquin. Because he shaved part of his head." Posey also spoke about the film's intensity, saying, "It [the movie] was so overwrought...

I'm like, 'This could be on opera. This could be on stage.' It's so drawn in this grand way, yet it's also very archetypal and textured and real." She also spoke about Phoenix's dedication to his role, saying, "When we rehearsed he [Joaquin] was like, 'Oh, I don't want to do it.'

And then he would start putting on the physicality of it, and he was like, 'Ugh.' Because it's a lot." "Beau is Afraid" is not for the faint of heart. The film, directed by Ari Aster and starring Joaquin Phoenix, promises to be an intense and impactful journey that will leave audiences feeling anxious and disturbed.