Charlie Sheen returns to TV!

It is about the HBO Max comedy "How to be a bettor", starring comedian Sebastian Maniscalco

by Sead Dedovic
Charlie Sheen returns to TV!

Those who enjoy the movie scene will be happy that the great actor has returned. Charlie Sheen has returned to the world of acting after a long absence. Even more interesting is the fact that Chuck Lorre, the screenwriter for the show "Two and a Half Men," brought him back (furthermore, fans of the show will be aware of the fact that Lorre has kicked Sheen out of the series for inappropriate behavior.) Soon after, Sheen criticized Lorre.

He was the main subject of discussion in the media after it was revealed that he was infected with HIV, that he led a problematic life, and that he consumed various substances. As a result, he and his wife ended up getting a divorce in the end.

As a result of Chuck Lorre and Warner Bross Studios throwing him out of the series, killing his character with a piano, and suing him for 100 million dollars, he filed a lawsuit against them. The reason for this is that not only did he damage his own reputation, but he also destroyed the viewership of a popular series when Ashton Kutcher replaced him.

To the mutual satisfaction of both Sheen and Lorre, it was said at the time that the case was settled out of court.

Charlie Sheen and his life

In the following days and weeks, Sheen began living a hellish existence. As the days went by, more and more information about his 'chaotic' life appeared.

As a result, he decided to go for treatment after some time. As it turns out, Sheen has learned a valuable lesson after all and is a new person after all. In the new business venture that he is embarking on with Chuck Lorre, who really has a lot of love and nerve for the unstable actor, he is once more preparing to embark on a career journey that could bring him back to fame as an actor.

It is about the HBO Max comedy "How to be a bettor", starring comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. The story about a veteran bookmaker who is struggling to survive the upcoming legalization of sports gambling has been ordered for eight episodes, and maybe Charlie's charisma will draw enough attention to warrant a second season.