"Born to Fly": The Chinese Version of "Top Gun" Takes the Skies

China has its answer to the hit movie "Top Gun" in the form of "Born to Fly."

by Faruk Imamovic
"Born to Fly": The Chinese Version of "Top Gun" Takes the Skies

China has its answer to the hit movie "Top Gun" in the form of "Born to Fly." The film, which has been described as Hollywood's Chinese answer to "Top Gun," is set to break records just like its American predecessor did. With a cast of talented actors and a gifted first-time director, "Born to Fly" promises to be a thrilling ride that takes audiences to new heights.

An Ode to the American Classic

Variety writes that "Born to Fly" is reminiscent of the American classic, "Top Gun." The film follows Lei Yu, a young pilot who is part of an elite team of aviators undergoing rigorous training to become the best in their field.

They are led by the experienced Commander Zhang, and their mission is to test the latest and greatest fighter planes. The film is full of action-packed scenes and close calls, but the team overcomes all obstacles and accomplishes their goal.

A Film Supported by the Chinese Air Force and an Aircraft Manufacturer

The film, which was supposed to come out last year, was delayed for unknown reasons. It was rumored that the special effects were not convincing enough and that the film was too similar to "Top Gun" to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

However, the film is finally set to be released in China on April 28th and will be shown in Europe and the USA as well. The film was supported by the Chinese Air Force and an aircraft manufacturing company, and it promises to be a true spectacle.

Preview Screenings Begin in the UK on April 28th

Trinity CineAsia will begin the UK rollout with preview screenings starting on April 28th, coinciding with the Chinese release. The main release is set to begin on May 5th. "Following the success of 'Wandering Earth,' the most successful Chinese film at the UK box office for years, we are excited to bring 'Born to Fly' off to a flying start to UK and Irish screens at the same time it is in China, which feels very fitting one year after the phenomenal success of 'Top Gun: Maverick,'” said Cedric Behrel, Trinity CineAsia's co-founder and director.

Ticket Sales Soaring High

With 75% of the tickets for the Chinese screening already sold and three million dollars in earnings made in advance, "Born to Fly" is set to be a hit. The film stars Wang Yibo and Zhou Dongyu, and it has a fantastic all-round cast.

According to Behrel, "The film [has] a fantastic all-round cast with a gifted and audacious first-time director, Liu Xiaoshi. We’re delighted to bring the first film starring Wang Yibo to the UK and Ireland with Zhou Dongyu top-billing again, in a special appearance)”.