Netflix's Controversial Crackdown on Password Sharing to Commence Soon


Netflix's Controversial Crackdown on Password Sharing to Commence Soon

In a recent statement, the leading streaming giant, Netflix, has announced the end of its much-anticipated crackdown on password sharing. The company has also revealed the date on which it will begin tightening the rules for password sharing.

Improved Experience for Members

"We learn more with each rollout and we've incorporated the latest learnings, which we think will lead to even better results," said Netflix in a statement. "To implement these changes, we shifted out the timing of the broad launch from late Q1 to Q2.

We are planning on a broad rollout, including in the US, in Q2." "We're pleased with the most recent launches of paid sharing, and while we could have launched broadly in Q1 [the first three months of 2023], we found opportunities to improve the experience for members," the statement added.

This means that the process of the crackdown will run from April to June, and password sharing is expected to be banned by July.

Monetizing Paid Account Sharing

In October 2022, Netflix confirmed its plans to monetize paid account sharing globally, in a letter to its shareholders.

The streaming platform has already introduced password-sharing fees in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain last month. Canadian subscribers, for instance, can add an additional member as a "sub-account" for $7.99, while subscribers in Portugal can add a "sub-account" for €3.99 and those in Spain for €5.99.

Account Sharing Rates

It's worth noting that only Standard and Premium account holders in these countries can create sub-accounts for other users, not Basic or Basic with Ads subscribers. When it comes to enforcing the rules, it's likely that Netflix will begin blocking the streams of password sharers who can't verify their accounts or who aren't streaming under the sub-account of a paying subscriber.

As for the cost of sharing your Netflix account, the company hasn't specified how much it will charge for sub-accounts in the US. However, we do have account-sharing rates for Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and other territories.

In Canada, for example, Premium and Standard subscribers must pay CAD$7.99 a month for each sub-account. Given that Premium and Standard users in the US pay $19.99 and $15.49 a month for Netflix access, it's reasonable to assume that US Netflix subscribers will pay something in the $7-8/month range per sub-account.