The famous actor of the series "Suleiman the Magnificent" changed his life


The famous actor of the series "Suleiman the Magnificent" changed his life
The famous actor of the series "Suleiman the Magnificent" changed his life

There was a huge impact of the Turkish drama series "Suleiman the Magnificent" on the movie scene. Several records were broken by this series, and it has proven to be one of the most successful products of Turkish cinematography so far.

As you might know, the series is based on Suleiman the Ruler, who is considered to be one of the most famous rulers of the Ottoman Empire. There was an actor named Ozan Guven who starred in the series and was the husband of the sultan Mihrimah, making him one of the more popular actors from this series.

The famous actor was born in Germany, but he seems to have viewed himself as being in Turkey, the country of his great-grandfathers, and he has decided to return to his native country in order to study there.This turned out to be a great move considering that not long after that his talent was noticed and he landed important roles in the world of acting.

Deniz Bulutuz accused him of violence

He was accused of violence, after his girlfriend, Deniz Bulutuz, accused him of violence three years ago.. In her statement, Ozan stated that she had been beaten by him. It turned out that it was indeed true, because the medical findings confirmed it.

As a result of the indictment, the actor was ordered to serve 13.5 years in prison, and according to the media, he withdrew from the public soon after everything and moved to an abandoned island near Bodrum. Apparently, he lives a quiet and isolated life there, free of the pressures of the media and others, and he does not seem to mind the stress..

It is also noteworthy that this popular actor was married to the director Derja Turkan (52), who is five years older than he is, and they had a son, Ali (19), together. The marriage between them lasted for five years. He became so discouraged by all of this that he decided to retire and start a completely new life for himself.