Netflix's portrayal of Cleopatra as black angers Egyptians

Cleopatra was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 69 BC

by Sead Dedovic
Netflix's portrayal of Cleopatra as black angers Egyptians

It is a regular thing for Netflix to bring us new surprises and things that we don't expect, and they did the same thing this time as well. A large number of reactions have been made in relation to the new Netflix series "Queen Cleopatra".

Among the things that have attracted the most attention to this series is the fact that Cleopatra is a black woman. This decision was met with much criticism and dissatisfaction by many people. It has gone to such a point that even a lawyer has decided to file a lawsuit against Netflix, claiming that they are "destroying the Egyptian identity" by doing so.

A great deal of importance was given to Cleopatra in the history of Egypt, and she is considered to be one of the most important figures in history. It was precise because of this reason that the Egyptians immediately began reacting, and emphasized that Cleopatra had never been black in the first place.

Cleopatra and history: She was born in Egypt, in 69 BC

Cleopatra was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 69 BC. She was the last member of the dynasty founded by Ptolemy, the general of Alexander the Great, whose dynasty had lasted for hundreds of years.

During the Ptolemaic dynasty, the Greek language was spoken. She succeeded her father Ptolemy XII to the throne when he died. It is estimated that she ruled for 51 years before she died 20 years later. As a result of this, Egypt came under the rule of the Romans.

According to historians, it is quite possible that Cleopatra's mother was either an indigenous Egyptian or an African who was from some part of Africa, but we don't really know the identity of her mother. A mixed-race and African-American actress plays Cleopatra in the Netflix series.

There are many people who are skeptical about her role and everything, but we need to wait to see what the final outcome will be in the story.