Barbie (2023) movie could break all records!


Barbie (2023) movie could break all records!
Barbie (2023) movie could break all records!

In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about the movie "Barbie", which has attracted a lot of attention from the public. In the days following the release of the thriller of this film, there was even more buzz surrounding this movie.

There seems to be a possibility that this movie could break the record and become a real hit. It is expected that the film will begin showing on July 20. There are no words to describe the impact of the Barbie doll on pop culture and through it on everyday life since its debut on March 9, 1959, and it is impossible to quantify the influence it has had on both.

At the height of its popularity in the eighties, it went through several modifications as society changed - we got Barbies in all shades of skin, hair, professions, and health conditions, and even wider waistlines - it was 1997, but Barbie's measurements in real life would still correspond to size XS even after her "expansion."

Barbie and influence

The influence of Barbie on society continues even into the year 2023, as evidenced by the fame and interest growing day by day for Greta Gerwig's upcoming movie, which is likely to be released soon.

There are already controversy over Ryan Gosling's choice to play Ken, and we seem to be seeing more blondes on the streets as a result of Margot Robbie's role in the film. Within just a few hours of the trailer being shown, New Beauty claims that the increase in the number of Google searches for the term "blonde hair dye" increased by a whopping 157 percent as a direct result of the trailer's showing.

Not only are fans interested in blonde hair, but they also want to dress like Barbie - searches for "Barbie style" and "pink clothing" increased by 142 percent, respectively. This movie could really present something completely new on the movie scene. We will see if it will impress us or if it will still be a failure. There is every chance that this will be the first.


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