Mickey Rourke and the way he destroyed his career


Mickey Rourke and the way he destroyed his career

It's no secret that Mickey Rourke has been one of the most controversial figures on the Hollywood scene for a long time. In spite of the fact that Rourke has built a great career and had some great roles over the years, some factors have unfortunately ruined his looks over the years.

He is a man who has always been drawn to adrenaline, new challenges in his professional career, which is how he decided to start boxing as a professional. The circumstances were not quite as ideal, and he suffered a vast number of injuries that had a major effect on his appearance.

It seems that Rourke became unhappy with his appearance after all, and underwent a large number of surgeries to 'fix things', but many believe that in the long run, these surgeries only made matters worse, because many consider them to have further damaged Rourke's look.

Mickey Rourke and his statements

In Mickey's mind, he has made a big mistake by choosing a surgeon who is clearly not qualified to perform the task he has been given. - My nose was broken twice. I have had five nose surgeries.

They had to take cartilage from my ear to rebuild my nose and several more operations because the scar didn't heal properly. Mostly, I always asked for my face to be put back in place. However, I chose the wrong surgeon and got hooked, he concluded.

Aside from his addiction to plastic surgery, he was also known to struggle with alcohol and drug addiction for a long time. However, by the help of psychotherapy, he was reportedly able to overcome it. Mickey Rourke is still a star and we can often see him in the spotlight.

Finally, he seems to have found a sense of happiness and satisfaction with himself. Although he is criticized a lot for everything, it must be admitted that he has built a career that many dream of, but in some parts of his life he was not lucky.