"MH370 - The Plane That Disappeared": A Controversial Netflix Documentary

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"MH370 - The Plane That Disappeared": A Controversial Netflix Documentary
"MH370 - The Plane That Disappeared": A Controversial Netflix Documentary (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

The disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, which vanished over the Indian Ocean in 2014 with 290 passengers and crew members on board, has remained one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time. A recent Netflix documentary, "MH370 - The Plane That Disappeared," has reignited the interest of the public in this tragedy and raised new questions about what really happened to the ill-fated flight.

The Puzzling Testimony of a Relative

One detail in the documentary that has caught the attention of viewers is the testimony of a relative of one of the missing passengers. According to the documentary, a few hours after the flight's disappearance, families and friends of the passengers gathered in a hotel in Beijing and tried to call their loved ones on board.

Surprisingly, the phones were still ringing, and one woman even claimed to have received a call from her father, who was on the flight. This information has caused a range of reactions from confusion to anger, with some viewers believing that the calls could have led to the solving of the mystery.

Twitter users joined under the show's hashtag #MH370 to discuss the bizarre findings of the documentary. "So you mean to tell me after the flight MH370 that disappeared, their families and friends were calling their phones and they were still connecting and ringing," wrote @TinaMickella.

"One person even got a call from her dad but didn't answer it in time. Wtf." "Wait. Their phones were still ringing after the plane disappeared? And a girl got a call from her dad? What the hell!" echoed @therussellslove. Many viewers were shocked that these calls weren't investigated further or sooner, and some even appeared to be angry at the woman who revealed the call she received from her father.

Frightening Possibility of Electronic Hijacking

Another situation in the documentary that has worried viewers is the assertion by one journalist that the plane was hijacked by Russian spies. The journalist claimed that the plane's electronics panel, which controlled the plane's satellite communications and was located in the first-class area, could be easily accessed through an unlocked window under the carpet.

The journalist emphasized that it was very easy to interfere with the signal, making the plane untraceable, and that this window could be reached by lifting a piece of carpet and the cover. Some Netflix viewers were frightened by this fact and claimed that they "couldn't sleep" because of it.