Bear Grylls' Sweet Offer to Ukrainian President Triggers Security Concerns

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Bear Grylls' Sweet Offer to Ukrainian President Triggers Security Concerns
Bear Grylls' Sweet Offer to Ukrainian President Triggers Security Concerns (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

British television star, adventurer and former special agent Bear Grylls recently sat down for an interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for Channel 4. During the recording, Grylls encountered a peculiar situation that left him bewildered.

Breaking the Ice with a Sweet Snack

While filming, Grylls attempted to break the ice with the President by offering him a chocolate bar. However, President Zelensky's security personnel quickly intervened and checked the chocolate for any signs of poison.

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid commented on the situation, stating, "When you say they take nothing for granted, they literally take nothing for granted." Grylls himself commented on the unexpected turn of events, saying, "I get it.

Normally when I've done this before with world leaders, the wild does half my job for me it's a great leveller, it's a great ice-breaker you're out in the mountains." He added, "With Barack Obama, you found some salmon which had been half eaten by a bear." Despite the initial suspicion, Grylls was able to avoid any further confusion by offering the chocolate to the security personnel first.

He recalls, "I said, 'Ok, I’ll go first, to show I’m not out to poison him,' and we all laughed. I gave some to the security guys, because everyone likes a little square of Dairy Milk, right?"

A Message of National Defense

In the interview, Grylls also spoke with President Zelensky about the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on the President's personal life.

Grylls quoted the President as saying, "Like all of Ukraine, we've put everything on hold, our life, our ambitions, our families, our work, our future, our dreams. Everything for one purpose, to defend our country.' And there's a power to that and he is very clear, 'I'm doing what everyone else is doing, putting everything aside, we're defending our home.'

" The interview with President Zelensky offers a unique glimpse into the mind of a world leader during a time of national defense. Bear Grylls' approach to breaking the ice with a sweet snack may have been unexpected, but it ultimately allowed for a more relaxed and open conversation between the two.

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