Renfield: Nicolas Cage as the Angry Count Dracula in the Latest Film by Chris McKay

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Renfield: Nicolas Cage as the Angry Count Dracula in the Latest Film by Chris McKay
Renfield: Nicolas Cage as the Angry Count Dracula in the Latest Film by Chris McKay (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Renfield, the latest film from director Chris McKay, promises to deliver a fresh take on the classic mythos of Count Dracula. Starring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage as the narcissistic vampire lord and Nicholas Hoult (known for Mad Max: Fury Highway and the X-Men franchise) as Renfield, the tormented henchman of Dracula, this modern monster tale offers a unique perspective on the relationship between a master and servant.

The Story

Renfield is a bug-eating servant who is forced to do Dracula's bidding, no matter how humiliating or degrading it may be. After centuries of obedience, Renfield yearns to discover if there is life beyond serving his master and break free from his toxic relationship with Dracula.

However, his addiction to serving his master proves to be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

The Cast

Renfield stars Nicolas Cage as Count Dracula, bringing his award-winning acting chops to the role of the most self-obsessed vampire lord in history.

Nicholas Hoult delivers a powerful performance as Renfield, the henchman who longs for freedom from his master's clutches. The film also features a talented supporting cast, including Ryan Ridley, known for his work on Fox's Ghosted and Adult Swim's Rick and Morty.

Ryan Ridley wrote the screenplay for Renfield based on an original story by Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead. McKay and Kirkman are producing alongside David Alpert, Bryan Furst, and Sean Furst. McKay's producing partner, Samantha Nisenboim, is the executive producer.

The Vision

Director Chris McKay fell in love with the character of Renfield and his relationship with Dracula. The film offers a unique combination of black comedy, action, suspense, and drama, all tied together with a fresh perspective on the classic vampire story.

According to McKay, "It’s not something that comes around the table very often. Something that’s obviously still tied to one of the oldest IPs in the world and probably one of the most filmed IPs in the world when you look at it.

Dracula’s probably up there with Sherlock Holmes and Hamlet as far as literary characters that you see in movie after movie." Renfield will premiere in theaters on April 16, offering audiences a chance to see a fresh take on the classic vampire tale.

With a talented cast, experienced production team, and unique perspective on the story, Renfield promises to be a film worth watching.

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