Jennifer Aniston Drops a F-Bomb on Live TV and Fans Can't Get Enough

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Jennifer Aniston Drops a F-Bomb on Live TV and Fans Can't Get Enough
Jennifer Aniston Drops a F-Bomb on Live TV and Fans Can't Get Enough (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler made a surprise appearance on a popular British show where the beloved Hollywood actress had a slip of the tongue during the live broadcast. In the midst of the conversation, Aniston let the word "shit" slip out and her co-star, Adam Sandler, had a hard time containing his laughter.

A Brief History of Aniston's Swearing

Jennifer Aniston has been known to slip an occasional curse word since the beginning of her career, particularly during the filming of the hit series "Friends" in the mid-90s. Her recent slip-up on the British show is not surprising for those who have followed her career closely.

Hilarious Exchange between Aniston and Sandler

During the show, Sandler joked about Aniston's fear of falling off the Eiffel Tower and pushing her off. “Jen was scared to fall off the Eiffel Tower, they called action and she didn’t jump and I just snuck up and pushed her and it was fun to see that reaction!” he said.

The presenter, Phillip Schofield, chimed in and added, “I can imagine it was someone pretending to push you off the Eiffel Tower – what fun!” To which Aniston responded, “Yeah, just for the sh*t and giggles!”

Aniston's Slip-Up on Live TV

Realizing her mistake, Aniston quickly covered her mouth and Holly Willoughby apologized to the viewers.

The actress jokingly asked, “I’m sure you can bleep that?” Schofe, however, informed the pair that they couldn't as the program was live. To which he added, “Don’t you worry - we love it!” Sandler went on to say, “At least you said giggles after it, there was happiness afterwards…”

Viewers React to Aniston's Slip-Up

Viewers took to social media to express their thoughts on the exchange between Aniston and Sandler.

One fan tweeted, “Jennifer Aniston swearing on live daytime TV hahaha,” while another posted, “Jennifer Aniston saying sh*t and giggles then saying you can bleep that out. No hun, it’s live!” Many viewers found the exchange hilarious and expressed their love for Aniston, with one person saying, “Oh how I love Jennifer Aniston!”

Apology to the Viewers

At the end of the conversation, the presenters apologized to the viewers in case anyone was offended by the swearing.

They also announced the March 31 premiere of the movie "Murder Mystery 2" on Netflix.

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