Brendan Fraser and the emotion at the 2023 Academy


Brendan Fraser and the emotion at the 2023 Academy

Brandon Fraser did it. The protagonist of the film The Whale, got the better of the other big favorite Austin Butler for the best actor award at the Academy Awards 2023. His interpretation of the character of Charlie has been appreciated by critics and spectators since the last Venice Film Festival, but the victory was not so obvious, precisely because of the competition the actor had.

"The multiverse is probably like that," said Fraser as he took the stage to receive the award. When Jessica Chastain and Halle Barry mentioned his name, he was visibly moved. Collecting the award, Brendan expressed his emotion: "I am grateful to Darren Aronofsky for throwing me a creative lifeline and pulling me aboard the good ship of The Whale.

It was written by Samuel D. Hunter, who is the our lighthouse. Gentlemen, you have laid bare your whale-sized hearts so that we could see into your souls as no one else could, and it is an honor to be nominated in this category with you.

I also want to tell you that only whales can swim to the depths of Hong Chau's talent. Only whales can go that deep. I started working in cinema at the age of 30. At the beginning there was something that I could not appreciate.

Then this thing ended and now I'm here and I'm recognized." Born in Indianapolis in 1968 to Canadian parents, he grew up around the world with his family. He studied at a private boarding school in Toronto and then in Switzerland.

In London he fell in love with the theatre. Then, back in the US, he decided to study acting at the university. But, passing through Hollywood he decided to stop, to break into the cinema. The dark period for the actor began in the mid-2000s, and coincided with the depression and few films.

In 2018, Fraser sued the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Philip Berk for harassment, violence suffered in 2003. Reason for which he had decided to retire. When they nominated him for the 2023 Golden Globes again for The Whale, he didn't show up at the ceremony: "I'm not a hypocrite, he said."

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