Lady Gaga harassed at the 2023 Academy Awards!

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Lady Gaga harassed at the 2023 Academy Awards!

Lady Gaga was featured in a moment that went viral on social media, and which generated controversy, at the 2023 Academy Awards. She was heading to the red carpet for the photographers' shots when she realized that a photographer had tripped on the red carpet.

Lady Gaga has come back to help. She immediately asked the man if she was okay and the artist's thoughtful gesture particularly impressed the fans. The video immediately went viral on the net, rightfully entering one of the worst moments of the Oscar evening.

However, someone on social media pointed out that the photographer thanked the artist with a controversial gesture. In fact, the man would have given her a pat on the butt as noted by some users: "It's a pity that he responded with a pat on the butt that was not at all delicate."
Another wrote: "And to thank immediately that he touches her ass." Lady Gaga would have remained dumbfounded after that gesture and would have glared at the photographer: "He is in total confusion with himself and the world, who slaps Lady Gaga on the side twice, she who strikes his hand and leaves saying what are you touching? And he repents and stares into space," is the reconstruction provided by a user on social media.

Lady Gaga at the Academy Awards 2023

Subsequently, after parading in a champagne-colored dress by Versace, the artist presented herself on stage with a decidedly unusual outfit for the evening of the Oscars.

The singer showed up on stage without makeup and with her hair in a braid, a gray T-shirt, ripped pants and Converse on her feet. Before performing, the artist wanted to say a few words about the genesis of the song: "I wrote this song for Top Gun: Maverick: it's a very personal song.

I think we need a lot of love to face this life, but also a hero. Though we'll soon discover that we can feel like heroes even when we feel broken inside."

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