"Sinatra The Musical" Debuts in Birmingham


"Sinatra The Musical" Debuts in Birmingham
"Sinatra The Musical" Debuts in Birmingham

Birmingham, UK – A new musical production exploring the life and career of legendary singer and performer Frank Sinatra is set to debut in Birmingham later this year. "Sinatra The Musical" will open on September 23rd, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the iconic crooner's UK tour that saw him perform in the city.

The Journey to Stardom

The musical will begin on New Year's Eve 1942, when the then 27-year-old Sinatra appeared on the stage of New York's Paramount Theater and delivered a performance that propelled him to stardom. As he rose to become one of the biggest music stars of his time, the musical will delve into the challenges he faced in balancing his love for his wife, Nancy, with the demands and temptations of being the most popular singer in America.

From Love Affairs to Comeback Triumphs

The musical will also explore the impact of Sinatra's affair with actress Ava Gardner on his career, as well as his remarkable comeback in show business. The producers promise to shed fresh light on the life of the iconic singer, offering audiences a new perspective on the man behind the music.

Tina Sinatra, the singer's daughter, expressed her pride in the musical production and expressed excitement at the prospect of sharing a previously unseen side of her father's life. "I am very proud of our new musical production and I'm especially delighted that, for the first time, we're going to give you a perspective on my father that you've never seen before," she said in a statement.

Tony Award-winning writer Joe DiPietro, known for "What's New Pussycat?" and “Memphis,” was tasked with writing the book for the musical. Speaking about the influence of Sinatra on his life, DiPietro said, "Growing up, there were two pictures hanging in my grandmother's kitchen – the Pope and Frank Sinatra.

So to sit down with Tina Sinatra and hear stories of her father which no one else knows, and then to be able to put those stories on stage – well I think it'll make for an unexpected and thrilling new musical."

A Stylish and Sophisticated Tribute

The producers aim to create an evening of theatre that is as stylish, sophisticated, and elegant as Sinatra himself, with glorious music from the American Songbook.

Sinatra's instantly recognizable voice won fans around the world with classics like “My Way” and “Strangers in the Night,” and his legacy continues to inspire new generations of music lovers. Sinatra passed away in 1998, but his music and his legend live on. "Sinatra The Musical" promises to be a fitting tribute to one of the greatest entertainers of all time.