Keanu Reeves: "I've always wanted to play Wolverine"

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Keanu Reeves: "I've always wanted to play Wolverine"
Keanu Reeves: "I've always wanted to play Wolverine"

Wolverine is certainly one of the most loved Marvel superheroes ever, even by the big Hollywood stars. Keanu Reeves, during a question and answer session on the Reddit site, revealed which Marvel hero he would have always liked to play.

The question that was addressed to him was not specific to the world of cinecomics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One user only asked if there are any roles in his long career that the actor regrets turning down. In response, Keanu Reeves revealed: "No, but I've always wanted to play Wolverine." Fans would like to see him in the Marvel universe in any role and probably even in that of Logan, but at the same time any name outside of Hugh Jackman would create a lot of discontent.

"I've always wanted to play Wolverine" said Keanu Reeves

According to many rumors released over the last year, Keanu Reeves' debut in the MCU would actually be only a matter of time. There are many rumors about the role: among the theories that are the most popular is the one that would like him to ride the Ghost Rider motorcycle, but in the dreams of fans there is also the name of Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead.

At the end of 2021, the star had revealed that he had already spoken to Kevin Feige and that he was looking for the best way to also include the face of Neo and John Wick in his boundless film and television actors and actresses.

The president of the Studios himself, in 2019, had announced that We talk to him almost every time we have to make a film. Things could now take a very particular turn: in Deadpool 3 we will see Hugh Jackman again as Wolverine despite him having said goodbye to the part after Logan, but for the future it is not yet sure that the Australian star will still unleash the adamantium claws. The name of Henry Cavill has often been mentioned for the next interpreter of the character.

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