Jenna Ortega and the emotional breakdown: "I was pulling my hair out"


Jenna Ortega and the emotional breakdown: "I was pulling my hair out"
Jenna Ortega and the emotional breakdown: "I was pulling my hair out"

Jenna Ortega revealed filming Wednesday's Netflix series wasn't easy at all. The young star who plays the eldest daughter of the Addams family confessed that her rhythms were frenetic, she had problems with insomnia and crying spells, even pulling her hair out.

She said, as reported by the New York Post: "I had to show up two hours before the start, work 12 to 14 hours a day. Then go home and log on Zoom to take classes. Or I'd get to my apartment and the my cello teacher was already there waiting for me.

It was a constant rush and if there was a weekend free, if we didn't shoot the sixth day in a row that week, it was: All right, then let's put your lessons on that day. I didn't even know where put my hands together. And then I had to make a piece meant for two cellos with one.

I wasn't sleeping. I was pulling my hair out. There were so many FaceTime calls with my dad that he'd see me crying hysterically. Tim Burton came into the trailer about two days before shooting and he said, Hey Jenna, I know you said you wanted to do the choreography yourself.

I know you get it, you've been working on it, I'm not worried at all. I trust you. In the end, Wednesday is the most overwhelming work you have ever done."

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Wednesday is one of the most successful Netflix series of recent times.

Wednesday Addams has conquered everyone: public and critics. And Jenna Ortega's performance as the famous character was acclaimed Fourth of six children, Jenna Ortega began to develop an interest in acting from the age of six and at the age of eight, accompanied by her mother, she participated in the first castings.

Jenna Ortega is the face of the new athleisure line, Adidas Sportswear. The star of Wednesday, Netflix directed by Tim Burton, in the new campaign All That You Are, looks perfectly at ease in Adidas creations. In the photos of the campaign, as reported by Sky Italy, the actress does not lose sight of her Wednesday character, and poses with a black and purple vertical striped suit that are a clear reference to Wednesday Addams from the series, a teenager who loves gothic style.

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