Bruce Willis's wife told the paparazzi: Keep your distance

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Bruce Willis's wife told the paparazzi: Keep your distance
Bruce Willis's wife told the paparazzi: Keep your distance (Provided by Celeb Tattler)

In a message to the paparazzi and other members of the media through social media, Emma Heming Willis asked them to be considerate of Bruce Willis, her husband, who suffers from dementia, and to keep his safety in mind. It is important for her to make sure that her husband is safe, and to protect him from any further problems.

"If you care for someone with dementia, you know how difficult and stressful it can be to get someone out and about and help them get around safely, even if you just want to take them out for a coffee. I'm talking to photographers and videographers trying to 'capture' my husband and get an exclusive.

Keep your distance," she said. In addition, she asked them not to ask Willis any questions, nor to raise their voices against him. The problem is that at this moment, he needs to concentrate on other things, and journalists could cause more problems than they are already causing.

"Please don't yell at him, ask him how he is or anything else. Don't call him. Give him space. Let our family or someone else who is with him help him get from point A to point B," - she continued.

Bruce Willis and dementia

It is unfortunate that Bruce Willis has problems with dementia, which causes him to have enormous problems as a result.

It is crucial, however, that he receives the support of his close family and friends in order to get the help he needs. "Unfortunately, communication difficulties are only one of the symptoms of the disease that Bruce is dealing with.

Although this is painful, it is a relief that we now finally know the diagnosis," she wrote on her Instagram profile. His family has been giving him tremendous support ever since they discovered his diagnosis. Willis can be happy with the fact that he has a wife by his side.

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