Chris Rock shocks: "Will Smith's wife fuc*s a son's friend!"

Chris Rock attacked Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith during the Netflix special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Chris Rock shocks: "Will Smith's wife fuc*s a son's friend!"

Chris Rock attacked Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith during the Netflix special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. Rock said Will Smith's wife would fu*k a friend of their son's, in a frame from the platform's first live-streamed comedy show.

The comedian said: "The Will Smith slap? You all know what happened to me. It still hurts. I have Summertime still ringing in my ears. But I'm not a victim, I took that blow like Pacquiao. I'll try to put on a show tonight without offending anyone.

I'll do my best, because you never know what might be triggered. People always say words hurt. Anyone who says words hurt has never been punched in the face. We've all been cheated on, everyone in here has been cheated on, even though none of us has ever been interviewed by the person who cheated on us on television.

Jada Pinkett Smith revealed to her husband, on air, that she was in another relationship. She hurt him a lot more than he hurt me. He fuc*ed his son's friend! "

The aftermath of Will Smith's gesture and criticism

Will Smith's crazy gesture on the night of the Academy Awards 2022 will remain indelible in everyone's memory.

The famous American actor, who won the Oscar for best leading actor in the film King Richard in which he played the role of the father and first coach of Venus and Serena, gave a slap in the face to the well-known comedian Chris Rock, guilty of making a joke about the haircut of Jada Pinkett, wife of Will Smith, suffering from alopecia.

The scene appeared so surreal as to make everyone believe it was a gag studied at the table, which turned out not to be at the time of the actor's speech after the delivery of the prestigious award. All of this left even Serena Williams herself speechless, who on social media was stunned by the incident.

Her half-sister Sabrina (disowned by Richard Williams - ed.) went down much more heavily, according to whom Will Smith should even be deprived of an Oscar by the Academy, as hse explained in an interview with The Sun. Interviewed by the British tabloid, Sabrina Williams, half-sister of Venus and Serena disowned by her father Richard, entered with a straight leg on the affair involving Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock during the night of the Oscars.

She said: "So Will Smith got mad, went overboard and attacked another person. Then he can't apologize two minutes later, he's lost his mind. Wow. I agree that he should be deprived of the Oscar." A very harsh attack that of Sabrina Williams, who suggested the behavior that the actor should have adopted in such an important context: "I have alopecia, I can understand it because I have really bad alopecia.

But it's not the time or the place. If someone offends you, let them know in a private setting: Hey, you offended my wife, I laughed at the joke, but my wife took offense. But get on stage in the middle of an event and slap someone, come back down and then scream from your seat.

It's just not appropriate. If they don't take away, they should ban him from attending the event again, because it's just ridiculous. I have no sympathy for him because he was irresponsible behavior. He probably needs to go to therapy.

I'm not saying he has mental health problems, but maybe he can talk to someone because that's not appropriate behavior."

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