"Fall" Movie Leaves Netflix Viewers Dizzy and Frightened


"Fall" Movie Leaves Netflix Viewers Dizzy and Frightened
"Fall" Movie Leaves Netflix Viewers Dizzy and Frightened

Netflix's latest horror film, "Fall," has left many of its viewers feeling sick and scared. Despite the lack of violence and gore in the movie, it has managed to evoke a strong sense of anxiety and fear among viewers. In response to the overwhelming reaction, Netflix even warned its followers on Twitter about the disturbing scenes.

Anxiety-Inducing Heights

One of the most significant factors contributing to the fear and discomfort of viewers is the fear of heights. The movie takes place on a 610-meter high radio tower, where two girls, Becky and Hunter, are stranded after scattering the ashes of Becky's husband, who died in a mountaineering accident.

Many viewers expressed their fear and anxiety about the dizzying heights portrayed in the movie. "It was always difficult for me to explain the fear and anxiety of heights and the view of the environment from higher heights.

'Fall' really caused me anxiety and dizziness," said one Twitter user. Another viewer expressed a similar sentiment, writing, "I was really looking forward to this movie, but I didn't know I was so afraid of heights until I watched this.

Some of the scenes made me sick at the end, and if I was on a tower like that, I would have died of fear."

Fearful Reactions

Many viewers took to social media to express their reactions to the film, with many describing it as the scariest movie they have ever seen.

One Twitter user wrote, "'Fall' is one of the scariest movies I've seen. No blood, no violence, just a strong sense of anxiety the whole movie. The horror. My palms were sweating the whole time." Others reported feeling physically ill while watching the movie, with one person writing, "Good movie, I threw up and had a panic attack, but it was good." Netflix's official Twitter account summed up the film by saying, "Almost every single shot from Fall (2022) – a film about two women who get stranded after climbing to the top of a 2000ft radio tower – will make you feel a bit wobbly." The film's intense and terrifying story combined with the dizzying heights has left many viewers feeling disturbed and shaken.


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