Last Awards Show? Christina Applegate on the Possibility of a Career Pivot


Last Awards Show? Christina Applegate on the Possibility of a Career Pivot
Last Awards Show? Christina Applegate on the Possibility of a Career Pivot

The actress who rose to fame in the 1990s with her role in the hit series "Married with Children," Christina Applegate, recently made a bold statement at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Arriving with the aid of a cane bearing the message "Fuck you, MS," Applegate brought attention to her battle with multiple sclerosis.

The Diagnosis and Career Pause

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Applegate revealed that this may be her last awards show as an actor. "Right now, I couldn’t imagine getting up at 5 a.m. and spending 12 to 14 hours on a set; I don’t have that in me at this moment," she said.

The actress is considering alternative career paths, such as producing, development, and voice-over work, to make sure she can provide for her daughter. Nominated for Best Actress for her role in the Netflix comedy "Dead to Me," Applegate plays the character of Jen Harding, a real estate agent grappling with grief after the loss of her husband.

The themes of friendship and loss are explored in a personal manner through her relationship with Linda Cardellini's character, Judy Hale.

A Heartfelt Friendship

In speaking about her co-star, Applegate expressed her love and admiration for Cardellini, saying, "I cry when I talk about Linda because I love her so much.

The next person who gets to work with her, I hope they realize how incredibly lucky they are, because not only is she an incredible human but she’s a divine artist and is right there, present for you, no matter what." Despite the difficulties she faced on set, Applegate found comfort in her scenes with Cardellini, adding, "There is really never a moment when Judy and Jen are talking to each other that it wasn’t Linda and Christina talking to each other.

The set disappeared, everyone kind of disappeared, and it was the two of us as best friends, supporting each other, loving each other and saying goodbye to each other."

Overcoming Challenges

Applegate admitted that watching herself on screen was difficult, saying, "I don’t like seeing myself struggling.

Also, I gained 40 pounds because of inactivity and medications, and I didn’t look like myself, and I didn’t feel like myself." However, she was able to distance herself from her ego and appreciate the beauty of the television show.

"At some point I was able to distance myself from my own ego, and realize what a beautiful piece of television it was. All the scenes I wasn’t in were so much fun to see and experience for the very first time." Christina Applegate used her platform at the Screen Actors Guild Awards to bring attention to the struggles of those living with multiple sclerosis and to inspire others facing similar challenges to keep pushing forward.

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