SAG Awards: Aubrey Plaza's Baffling Moment Captivates Social Media


SAG Awards: Aubrey Plaza's Baffling Moment Captivates Social Media
SAG Awards: Aubrey Plaza's Baffling Moment Captivates Social Media

The Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony on Sunday night had a moment that captivated the attention of social media users, and it was not the award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series won by the cast of "White Lotus." Instead, it was the reaction of American actress Aubrey Plaza, one of the cast members of the winning show, that sparked the buzz on the internet.

F. Murray Abraham's Speech and Plaza's Reaction

F. Murray Abraham, 83, delivered the speech on behalf of the cast of "White Lotus" when they received the award. He started his speech with a prayer for the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria and a prayer for peace in Ukraine and Russia.

As he finished his prayer, he suddenly shouted "Union forever!" which had the crowd cheering. Plaza, 38, was standing on stage alongside her cast members when Abraham made his shout. She watched as the cast congratulated each other before seemingly mouthing "Jesus Christ." It is still unknown what prompted Plaza's reaction and if it was related to Abraham's speech.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users were quick to react to Plaza's reaction and speculate what might have caused it. One person questioned, "What was she annoyed about?" while another asked, "Why was Aubrey Plaza so mad to win for White Lotus? #SAGAwards." A third person pointed out, "On another note, did anyone notice Aubrey Plaza? She seemed REALLY pissed off… there was something real odd about her on stage with the White Lotus team.

She even exited the stage quick and alone rather than staying with the cast." And a fourth commented, "Ok soooo what is going on with Aubrey Plaza and the rest of the White Lotus cast? She looked like she haaaaated being up there and immediately ran off stage while everyone in the cast was congratulating and hugging each other #SAGAwards." Despite the buzz on social media, the reason for Aubrey Plaza's reaction remains a mystery.

Whether it was related to F. Murray Abraham's speech or something else, only Plaza and her team know for sure. Regardless, it was a moment that caught the attention of many and sparked discussions on the internet.