"On the Adamant" Takes Home the Golden Bear at the 73rd Berlin Film Festival


"On the Adamant" Takes Home the Golden Bear at the 73rd Berlin Film Festival
"On the Adamant" Takes Home the Golden Bear at the 73rd Berlin Film Festival

The 73rd Berlin Film Festival came to a close on Saturday, February 26, with the announcement of the winners of the prestigious awards. The festival saw a diverse range of films from around the world competing for the coveted Golden Bear award.

This year, the award for the best film went to the French documentary "On the Adamant" by Nicolas Philibert.

"On the Adamant" - A Masterpiece of Human Expression

The film "On the Adamant" is a powerful depiction of a day center in the heart of Paris that serves adults suffering from mental disorders.

The center provides a safe and supportive environment for these individuals, grounding them in time and space, and helping them to recover or maintain their spirits. The film was praised by the jury chief, Kristen Stewart, who called it "masterfully crafted" and a "cinematic testament to the vital necessity of human expression".

Awards Galore

In addition to the Golden Bear award, several other awards were presented during the festival.

Philippe Garrel won the Silver Bear for Best Director for his film "Le grand chariot". He dedicated the award to the late director Jean-Luc Godard. The Silver Bear was also awarded to Joao Canijo for "Bad Living" and German director Christian Petzold for "Roter Himmel".

Gender-neutral acting awards were introduced at the Berlin Film Festival in 2021, and this year's winners were Sofia Ortero for Best Lead Child Actress and Thea Ehre for Best Supporting Actress. German director Angela Schanelec won the Silver Bear for music, and French cinematographer Helene Louvart won the Silver Bear for outstanding artistic contribution for her work on Giacomo Abbruzzese's "Disco Boy".

Honorary Golden Bear for Steven Spielberg

The festival also saw the presentation of the honorary Golden Bear award to Steven Spielberg.

The legendary director of "Jaws" accepted the award in person on Tuesday and was celebrated by the festival attendees. The jury for this year's competition was headed by Kristen Stewart and also included Golshifteh Farahani, Valeska Grisebach, Radu Jude, Francine Maisler, Carla Simon and Johnnie To.

The 73rd Berlin Film Festival was a celebration of the art of filmmaking, with talented filmmakers and actors from around the world coming together to showcase their work. The winners of the awards are a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact that film can have on society.