Rowan Atkinson's Daughter, Lily Sastry Makes a Name for Herself in Cabaret


Rowan Atkinson's Daughter, Lily Sastry Makes a Name for Herself in Cabaret
Rowan Atkinson's Daughter, Lily Sastry Makes a Name for Herself in Cabaret

Rowan Atkinson, the beloved comedian best known for his role as the bumbling Mr. Bean, has a daughter who has carved out her own successful career in the entertainment industry. 28-year-old Lily Sastry, who took her mother's last name after her parents' divorce, is a cabaret performer known for her singing, acting, and vaudeville moves.

From Child Artist to Cabaret Star

Lily's journey in the world of entertainment began as a child artist, appearing in the 2004 children's film "Tooth".

She went on to star in two films with her father, "Mr. Bean's Vacation" and "Johnny English Reborn". Despite the challenges of living up to expectations as the daughter of a famous man, Lily was determined to cultivate her own talents and pursued acting and singing lessons from the age of five.

Lily made her cabaret debut at The Pheasantry, a well-known supper club in London, and later starred in a two-night West End cabaret show called "Lily", accompanied by a live band. "This is my first cabaret show," she told the audience at her debut.

"This is my first time I've been dressed this small and I'm very excited."

Challenging Herself and Taking Risks

Speaking to My Theatre Mates ahead of her West End cabaret show, Lily reflected on her journey as a performer and how she pushed herself to take risks.

"Vocally, I am better than I have ever been; physically, mentally - it's the hardest I have ever worked on a gig," she said. "I have just challenged myself in every possible way, and taken risks." Lily's passion for performance extends beyond cabaret, as she revealed that she was a writer from a young age.

"I had always been a writer, but I was about 14/15 when I really started writing music," she said. "I just loved writing stories and poems, coming up with melodies; I was always challenging myself. Of course, already being a singer and performer, I worked out pretty quickly what I wanted to do." Lily Sastry, the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, has proven that she is more than just the daughter of a famous man.

With her talent, hard work, and determination, she has created a successful career in cabaret and continues to challenge herself and take risks in her performances.