The Oscars Controversy: Unexpected Nomination of Andrea Riseborough

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The Oscars Controversy: Unexpected Nomination of Andrea Riseborough
The Oscars Controversy: Unexpected Nomination of Andrea Riseborough

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was thrown into the center of a whirlwind of controversy with the announcement of this year's Oscars nominees. The controversy was sparked by the surprise inclusion of British actress, Andrea Riseborough, for her performance in "To Leslie." The film, which tells the story of a single mother who wins the lottery and then finds herself running out of money, has been widely praised by critics, with Riseborough's performance in the lead role being hailed as one of the finest works of her career.

The Rise of Andrea Riseborough

Last week, Riseborough was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, marking her first-ever nomination. However, her nomination has been met with a number of questions, given the highly public promotion and support that she has received from a number of major Hollywood stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Amy Adams, and Kate Winslet, among others.

In light of the attention that "To Leslie" and Riseborough have received, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that it is investigating this year's Oscar campaign procedures to ensure that no rules have been violated.

Prior to the recent attention, "To Leslie" was a relatively unknown film, having only grossed $27,000 at the box office during its limited run. However, that all changed when some of the biggest names in film took to social media to praise the film and express their support for Riseborough's performance.

For many, the support from these celebrities was enough to link their promotion of the film to the Academy's investigation into its campaign procedures.

Missing Out on the Oscars: Viola Davis and Danielle Deadwyler

The controversy surrounding Riseborough's nomination was only compounded by the criticism that African-American actresses Viola Davis ("The Woman King") and Danielle Deadwyler ("Till") were not nominated for the award, despite being considered by many to be the main candidates.

This has only added fuel to the fire, with many people taking to social media to voice their disappointment and frustration. In a statement Friday, the organization confirms that it will be "conducting a review" of the circumstances that led to Riseborough's nomination, reports Yahoo.

"It is the Academy’s goal to ensure that the Awards competition is conducted in a fair and ethical manner, and we are committed to ensuring an inclusive awards process," the statement reads. "We are conducting a review of the campaign procedures around this year’s nominees, to ensure that no guidelines were violated, and to inform us whether changes to the guidelines may be needed in a new era of social media and digital communication.

We have confidence in the integrity of our nomination and voting procedures, and support genuine grassroots campaigns for outstanding performances."

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