Pamela Anderson Reveals She Was Abused by Her Babysitter


Pamela Anderson Reveals She Was Abused by Her Babysitter

In the Netflix documentary "Pamela, a love story," Pamela Anderson disclosed that when she was a little child, she attempted to murder her babysitter because she was mistreating her. “It was like three or four years of abuse,” the iconic “Baywatch” belle, from Ladysmith, Canada, says, reports NY Post.

“She always told me not to tell my parents. I tried to protect my brother from her,” Anderson adds. “I tried to kill her — tried to stab her in the heart with a candy cane pen”. She was unsuccessful in her goal because the nanny was killed in a vehicle accident the following day.

“I told her I wanted her to die, and she died in a car accident the next day,” says the former Playboy pinup in the doc. “I thought I’d killed her with my magical mind and I couldn’t tell anybody.

I was sure that I did it, that I’d wished her dead and she died,” continues Anderson. “I lived with that the whole of my young life”. She went on to reveal that she was raped by a 25-year-old neighbor when she was 12 years old.

"Pamela, a love story" will be released on January 31 on the aforementioned streaming service. “[Me and a friend] went to a friend’s condo, she went upstairs with the guy she had a crush on,” she says. “I started to play backgammon downstairs with his friend while I waited for her”.

Nevertheless, the friendly game ended abruptly because the atmosphere changed in a negative way. “We played for a while until he said I looked like I needed a massage,” she recalls. “He was 25, I was 12.

He raped me. I felt like it was my fault”. Unauthorized s*x tape “It really gives me nightmares,” Anderson says of the series. “I have no desire to watch it, I’m not going to watch it,” she continues.

“Never watched the tape, I’m not going to watch this”. “I texted Tommy and said ‘How do you feel about everything?’ and he said, ‘Pam, just don’t let it hurt you as much as it did the first time,’” she says. “Why would I want to go through that again?”

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