Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford's Series: 100 Years Back in Time

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Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford's Series: 100 Years Back in Time
Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford's Series: 100 Years Back in Time

"1923" comes as a spin-off of the extremely popular Paramount western series "Yellowstone" and features the acting duo that worked on the film "The Mosquito Coast" from the distant 1986. Few Hollywood A-list actors have managed to resist the challenges of modern television and the influx of quality series.

The fact that the television series got rid of the bad image and completely technically and artistically equaled the film - is already old news. The octogenarians Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are now dominating the small screen in the excellent title "1923".

A special television surprise happened in 2018 in the form of the series "Yellowstone" with Kevin Costner, 5 seasons and 45 episodes. That contemporary look at the western created by Taylor Sheridan now has its own spin-off.

The new series tells the story of a new generation of the Dutton family from the first half of the 20th century, which faces a new set of challenges, including the Great Depression, Prohibition, and droughts of biblical proportions.

Let's remember, Sheridan, did a great job with Paramount and Sylvester Stallone on the "Tulsa King" series last year. The premiere of the 1st episode of the series "1923" with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in the main roles in America was watched by an incredible 7 million people.

The second episode was released on January 1, followed by the premiere of each new episode on a weekly basis. "1923" on IMDB, for those to whom that means something (not that it means nothing), has a rating of 8.7.

Greed is what will kill them

Set roughly 40 years after the Duttons first laid claim to what would become their sprawling Montana ranch, the story follows a family now facing troubled times, when the masses hate the rich the most.

Alcohol is banned, the stock market crash and the Great Depression are knocking on the door, so the Duttons must fight desperately to maintain their status. There is no mercy in that world and the triggers on guns are pulled without hesitation.

Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) is an Irish woman who, at the beginning of the first episode, hits a man with a double barrel at close range. Her nephew Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) is stalking a man-eating lion in Africa. When the lion decides to attack him from the undergrowth, Dutton waits for the animal to jump into the air before killing it with a shot from his rifle.

At Yellowstone Ranch, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) is also armed. He is in conflict with ranchers who let sheep onto his land. Jacob does not allow this because the animals eat the grass with its roots, after which it no longer grows and leaves no room for him to feed his own cattle.

Finally, one of the shepherds takes aim at Jack Dutton and fires a bullet from a distance... "1923" is full of scenery that, together with the costumes, will allow you to travel through time a whole century back, to a time when pride, greed and honor died.

Helen Mirren is excellent as Cara, who delivers anthology lines as she struggles in a cruel patriarchy. "Men kill quickly, with a bullet or a noose. But now you fight me. I kill slowly," says Cara, confronting a group of armed men.

Other notable roles include Brandon Sklenar and Darren Man. Interestingly, the series features Timothy Dalton, whose career was marked by the role of James Bond. Horses are everywhere, the ranger war is raging, and seeing Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in the same frame is… priceless.

Playing spouses, there is incredible acting interaction between the two. The series "1923" is said by its producers to hit a cultural nerve in America, so check out why "Yellowstone" and "1923" are currently among the most popular series on Bara.

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